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Blob Breeder

Blob Breeder is an exciting new arcade-style puzzle platformer for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Your goal is to guide a group of autonomous blobs through a maze of cliffs, pits, and lava. The blobs reproduce quickly and automatically. Blobs inherit abilities, so you can selectively breed for color or behavior. Leave behind slower blobs to have a fast-moving flock, or raise a bunch of high-jumpers to get over an obstacle. You can grab a blob and change how it works at any time, or take a hands-off approach and see where fate takes it. A unique gaming experience comes from the control scheme: to advance, you must plan ahead, play favorites, and change or kill blobs that are slowing the pack down. Blob Breeder is an intriguing mashup of simulation, split-second action and head-scratching puzzling. With many ways to win the 20 levels and over 8000 combinations of blob attributes, Blob Breeder is good for hours and hours of addicting fun. Happy Breeding!